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Boots N' All  -  An activity of Scripture Union Tasmania…
Tasmanian wilderness hiking with a difference!

Find out about the next Boots N’ All bushwalk, as well as links to our stored tracks and waypoints and technical discussions about GPS devices

Our Next Walk (click walk title for details)
These notes are sent out a few days before each walk to help people decide whether it is a suitable walk for them.

As pandemic restrictions are progressively lifted, Boots N' All can begin walking again, providing that we observe all requirements regarding travel distance, total numbers and social distancing that are current at the time of the particular walk. The stages and conditions can be read on the Tasmanian Government
Roadmap to Recovery site
and are subject to review if there are renewed outbreaks of Covid-19 which might mean walks might be cancelled or modified at short notice.

June 6 (long weekend) - No plan for a walk yet
...but it might be possible to do a walk within 30 km of Launceston.
Watch this space!

June 13 Montagu Thumbs Circuit
(Click on title to find out more)
(Hobart based) A tough but rewarding walk - great views of Hobart
 and Huon area - Wellington Falls on the way home.
(from Betts Road, Longley, via Cathedral Rock)
Numbers limited to 10 (Still Stage 1 of Roadmap to Recovery).
Dan Hutchison Ph. 0457 765 907

June 20 Lobster Creek & Nells Bluff
(Click on title to find out more)
Higgs Track, to Lady lake and descend into top of Lobster Creek Gorge to view seldom seen beautiful rainforest and very large pencil pines. Return via Nells Bluff if time. (Stage 2 of Roadmap to Recovery).
John Tabor Ph. 6428 6512  

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Now that walks are again under way, we've moved most of the Armchair Walks descriptions and thumbnails to the Armchair Walks page, but scroll down here for our latest uploads.

2020 Boots N' All Walks Calendar
Click here to download the printable walks calendar for 2020

Now showing on Armchair Walks

2020 Labyrinth & Walled Mountain with Ian
(Click on title to view the walk)
Explore the stunning beauty of the Labyrinth - from the ferry trip up Lake St Clair, past the myriad tarns and lakes of the Labyrinth, and on to Walled Mountain - the very edge of remoteness.
2010 Labyrinth & DuCane Range with Phil
(Click on title to view the walk)
Phil, on furlough from mission work in Nigeria, took the opportunity to head for the delights of the Labyrinth and on to Walled Mountain. Nereus didn't happen, made up for by heights of the DuCane Range and north Geryon .

Coming soon...
We are in the process of re-organising our walks calendar to fit in some that were missed during the pandemic shutdowns. See our Walks Calendar for a preview of what should be coming up.

Information for Leaders working with Children and Youth:
Boots N’ All, as part of Scripture Union Tasmania, is very happy to work alongside leaders working with children and young people to extend your options for healthy and safe activities for your group. Why not consider whether once or twice a year, your group could participate in a Boots N’ All walk? If you are thinking of bringing a group on a walk, it is a good idea to be in touch well in advance so that we can check safety requirements such as adequate adult-child ratio, availability of leaders who meet Childsafe requirements, transport arrangements, availability of a qualified first aid person and whether the children and young people will be adequately equipped for the particular walk.