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Boots N' All  -  An activity of Scripture Union Tasmania…
Tasmanian wilderness hiking with a difference!

Find out about the next Boots N’ All bushwalk, as well as links to our stored tracks and waypoints and technical discussions about GPS devices

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These notes are sent out a few days before each walk to help people decide whether it is a suitable walk for them.

Oct 10-13 Taking on Goliath
Scripture Union  bushwalking camp
 visit  to register
Further information:   Nik Sands 0429 387 777

2019 Boots N' All Walks Calendar
here to download the printable walks calendar for 2019

Coming soon...

Oct 26 Eastern Tiers Waterfalls
Click on title for full details
Depending on energy of walkers, all or some of
Meetus, Hardings and Meadstone Falls will delight the eyes!
Easy-Medium  Leader: Andrew Madden Ph. 6399 3315

 Nov 2 Three Capes (Long weekend camping trip)
Click on title for full details

 Explore the rugged coastal cliffs of Tasman Peninsula via
Three Capes wilderness experience (limited spaces – fees apply)
Please contact Ian at least 2 weeks ahead if interested.
Medium  Leader: Ian Waterhouse Ph. 6327 1371

Nov 23 Lake Explorer
The alpine plateau south of Lake Mackenzie features beautiful rivers,
lakes and valleys. Close to Forty Lakes Peak.
Medium  Leader: Phil Dawson Ph. 6382 3561 (AH please)

Dec 7 Mt. Maurice

 In region of Mt. Barrow. Views of the north east forests and
out to the coast. Waratah and wild flowers in season!
Medium  Leader: Andrew Madden Ph. 6399 3315

Information for Leaders working with Children and Youth:
Boots N’ All, as part of Scripture Union Tasmania, is very happy to work alongside leaders working with children and young people to extend your options for healthy and safe activities for your group. Why not consider whether once or twice a year, your group could participate in a Boots N’ All walk? If you are thinking of bringing a group on a walk, it is a good idea to be in touch well in advance so that we can check safety requirements such as adequate adult-child ratio, availability of leaders who meet Childsafe requirements, transport arrangements, availability of a qualified first aid person and whether the children and young people will be adequately equipped for the particular walk.